Ask Pastor George is a blog where people can ask an Ordained Pastor with twenty years of experiance questions. You can ask question you have about faith, spirituality, church,God, or the Bible. Pastor George will answer them all without ridicule or judgement. This site is a safe place to ask any question and get a real answer.

Pastor George promises to give you an answer. If he doesn’t know the answer he will find it. If he can’t find an answer then he will admit that he doesn’t know and can’t find an answer.

Questions can be sent to Pastor George’s email which is found below.

George McVey is a Pastor that grew up in a Christian home. He prayed a prayer of Salvation at the tender age of six and continued in church until his teens. At around age sixteen George became disillusioned with what he saw in church and Christians and began looking for something else. Like so often

happens in that situation, he was introduced to the occult and spent the next two years as a practicing Satanist. In his late twenties George returned to the faith of his childhood and soon there after felt the call of God on his life to reach out to young people like he had been. In 1995 George began working as a youth minister and did that for the next five years.

As a youth pastor he has written several youth devotionals and lessons for himself and other part time and volunteer youth pastors as well as two complete youth retreats. He always printed them himself for the retreat members but always dreamed of publishing.

He was ordained in 2000 and became a senior pastor/ church planter in 2001. In 2007 George went from senior pastor to revivalist pastor with an emphasis on spiritual warfare and particularly on prayer walking a community to see spiritual breakthrough and renewal.

In late 2009 Georges ministry focus had shifted to prayer walking and revival coupled with prayer walking. George has taught on the subject many times and led countless prayer walks, and he kept hearing people tell him they would love to have his information in print so In 2010 George began to write a book on the topic and put together a ministry dedicated to teaching about the subject of prayer walking and spiritual breakthrough.  He just finished his book on Prayer Walking for Spiritual Breakthrough you can get the paper back by clicking the title and the ebook by clicking HERE. He is currently hard at work on two fiction novels and a non fiction book.  He currently resides in Charleston WV with his family. You can reach him on his ministry website for information on having him speak at your church or organization at his email address


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