Ghost’s Salvation and Generational Curses

08 Jun

wishing-well-curse-coverI sat down with author Lynn Donovan the other day and had a discussion of her new novel “The Wishing Well Curse” in it she has several scenes that some may find controversial in nature. During our course of discussion we talked about those things. So today I want to share her spiritual side of the conversation. As well as give my opinion on the topics. Let’s  start with ghosts Mrs. Donovan has two characters that are for lack of a better term ghosts.  There are those who say ghost don’t exist but that is not what Scripture says at least once that we know of an actual ghost is mentioned in scripture In 1 Samuel 28 this is the story of Saul and the Witch of Endor. Now I know there are those that would say that this was a special circumstance but I take it and Jesus own words. When the diciples saw him walking on water they thought he was a ghost. Jesus never told them there were no such things as ghosts only that he wasn’t one.  Again I know this is controversial but let me let Mrs. Donovan give her take on this topic.

Lynn what do you say to those who would say that the use of ghosts and talking with them is controversial in Christian fiction?

My response is simple, really. This story is fiction. Not non-fiction. I did not experience this stuff and now am writing to tell the world what happened to me. It’s a made-up story about a made-up guy who encounters made-up characters who happen to be ghosts. Because I think Ghost stories are fun! So IF a ghost existed, why not offer them salvation before you try to help them cross over? It just didn’t seem fair to me to cross the poor guy over so that he could go straight to hell.

The bible tells us not to seek the dead. I get that. But this was not a séance it was a ghost story. Zeke wasn’t seeking dead spirits, they happened upon each other. Again, it’s fiction. I made the story up. To be entertaining. Hopefully, I accomplished that.

How do you address the topic of Generational Curses and the use of the Jabez tell to break the curse?

I do believe in generational curses because the bible speaks of such to the fourth generation. Yes, it’s under the old covenant, but it’s still there and that was my guide for designing this curse. And, that is why I set up this story for Zeke to be the fourth generation who is able to break the curse.

For the past four years I have been reading the bible from year-long reading plans. One day, about two years ago, I was reading 1 Chronicles and was (sorry God) bored with the tedious details. I’m not a bean counter. I’m so glad God is, because I know these things are important. But I’m not. Anyway, reading along, bored with the listings, I stumbled on 1 Chronicles 4:10. WOW! What a nugget for my soul. I have issues with my childhood and I realized this passage was my freedom from those issues. I took the enlightenment to my pastors and they surprised me further with the knowledge that others have gone before me and have written about the power of the Jabez’s prayer. Who knew?

So, when I was plotting out The Wishing Well Curse, I automatically turned to this curse breaking passage and realized it fit perfectly with this story. So I wove it into the plot. It helped immensely moving the plot through to the resolution. I think.

I have to step back and tell you that I don’t really think this was my doing. I’m not this smart. God planted these ideas in my head and this story is all for His glory.

Your hero struggles with accepting that he has a God chosen destiny is that something that you yourself have struggled with? What would you want to say to a reader who may be struggling with this issue?

Good question!  Yes. I have known all my life that Jesus died for my sins. I knew God loved me and I belonged to Him. I accepted Jesus as my savior when I was 13. Dude, I gave away my tickets to a David Cassidy concert to go to a lay-witness youth meeting because I knew they were going to give us an opportunity to come forward and ask to be saved. That was a big deal when I was thirteen years old!

But I never knew what to do from there. I struggled all my adult life trying to “do it myself.” And I failed miserable. Finally, in my fiftieth year of life, I watched a series at church by John Bevere, Driven to Eternity. It all clicked and revelation began to manifest in my head. My pastors and church leaders guided me, gave me books, prayed for me. I became anointed in the Holy Spirit and have grown in the Lord. I’m by no means where we all should be, but I strive to be like Christ and I ask for forgiveness when I fall short.

I am aware of His presence in so many things in my life and I give Him thanks for it all. I no longer believe in coincidence. I know He’s at work in my life and his purpose for me is what I strive to fulfill.

Thus, my interest in building characters who discover their destiny.

My advice to others who are struggling with this: talk to you pastors. Schedule a weekly appointment to sit down with them and talk about this. Ask them to pray for you, over you, with you. Use the church library and read or watch CDs about the subject. I highly recommend ANY of John Bevere’s publications. But there are many others. Open your heart and your mind to what God will deposit into you through these resources. The bible tells us that if we seek Him, He will be there. Because he’s always there. We just have to move toward Him, instead of away from Him. He will never force Himself upon us. We have to invite Him into our lives.

Well Lynn thanks for sharing with me. I pray you have much success with “The Wishing Well Curse” For my readers if you want to get a copy of Lynn’s book which is a great entertaining read you can get it here.

You can also read the rest of this interview at my writers blog here.



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3 responses to “Ghost’s Salvation and Generational Curses

  1. Cynthia P. Willow

    June 8, 2013 at 9:44 pm

    Great interview! I want to read this one now!

  2. pastorgeorgemcvey

    June 8, 2013 at 10:30 pm

    It is a great read I highly recommend it. My review is up on Amazon and will be up on my georgesshorts blog on Monday.


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