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The Coolest Prayer Walk Ever.

Today instead of answering a question I would like to talk about something I saw on TV. Like a lot of people on Friday I was glued to my television, watching to see Nik Wallenda cross Niagara Falls on a high wire. I expected to see history made as he became the first person to cross into Canada this way. What I didn’t expect was to see the most amazing Prayer walk ever.

I was blown away by the ritual to start the walk that Nik and his family had. On national TV the family gathered to pray for success and safety before Nik attempted the walk. I was surprised that ABC would show them doing so. That alone would have been just amazing, but on top of that I learned they had put a mike on Nik so they could talk to him and hear him talk to his father, who kept encouraging and advising him during the walk.

 It was during one of those times that I went from amazed at the physical feat I was witnessing to having church while watching an extreme stunt. The mike came on and we heard Nik praising Jesus and thanking him for the opportunity. As a matter of fact when not talking to his dad or the ABC commentators, Nik was praying. Not a “let me make it” kind of prayer, but a praise and worship prayer. At one point the mike picked up Nik saying, “Thank you Jesus. You are my King, my Lord, My Savior.” I sat mesmerized, not by the feat but by the prayer walk I was witnessing.

 Then as this weekend went on I kept thinking about that. After all, prayer walking is my specialty in ministry. I couldn’t get past the fact that this daredevil, as the press has labeled him, this performer praised Jesus all the way across the abyss. Though I never plan to walk a wire or cross such dangerous chasms, I want my prayer walks to make as much of an impact on the community I am walking in as Nik’s made on me.

 How about you? Would you be as outspoken with your faith as Nik is with his? 

 We often are afraid to speak of our faith to those who know us best and yet this performer spoke of his before hundreds of thousands of people. Will we follow in Nik’s footsteps figuratively and be outspoken for our Savior? I have been inspired to by a man making the coolest prayer walk I have ever seen.

 At the end of the broadcast Nik mentioned that his next feat will be to walk the wire across the Grand Canyon., That will certainly be an amazing event. I for one will be watching just to see if that becomes the new coolest prayer walk ever.



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