Hello world!

27 Apr

Welcome to Ask Pastor George,

I created this site because I figure there are people just like me. I think all the time. I also thought about God, faith, church, Christianity and the Bible. That would lead me to questions.  Now, I have a mind that wants to know the answers to the questions that come to my mind. A lot of time no one seemed to have the answer or the time to give me the answer. Other times I was to embarrassed to ask anyone the questions that I had.

The one time I did ask the question that was on my mind I got told that I was doubting God. I was ridiculed in public and made to feel like a heretic. So I never asked another question about religious things. That didn’t mean I quit thinking those questions though.

Fast forward a few years and I was grown. I still had question about religious things but now I knew how to find answers. Look for them myself. So I did and the answers helped  to solidify my beliefs and lead me into a Christian based world view and a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

After I became a pastor I realized that other people have questions about spiritual matters too and that like me they were looking for answers. So I decided that a part of my ministries would be to give people a place to ask those questions about spiritual things without ridicule or being made to feel stupid or sinful. This is that place.

So if you have questions email them to me at and I will look up the answers and post both the question and answer here. I will not post the name of the questioner just the first initial. I hope that will allow everyone to feel safe to ask any question they have. I won’t laugh or ridicule anyone for their question. I will try and answer every question asked and if I don’t know the answer of can’t find the answer I will let you know that as well.

So send me your questions and I will answer three a week. Posting them one Monday, Wednesday, and Friday every week. This Monday I will post our first question and answer so check back then for the first Ask Pastor George question and answer session. Don’t forget the only way this will work is if you share this site with your friends and everyone sends me their questions.

Till Monday Think God thoughts and as Faith questions.


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  1. Belle

    May 15, 2017 at 3:51 am

    This shows real exptierse. Thanks for the answer.


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